TOEIC Listening Test 2020 – Test 01

TOEIC Listening Test 2020 - Test 01

TOEIC Listening Test 2020 – Test 01 provides you with an easy convenient way to practice the Listening section of TOEIC. The content has been updated to reflect the TOEIC new format 2020 by ETS.
When you have finished your practice, take a look at this video (containing scripts and explanations) to help improve your score.

+ Test Introduction – 00:29
+ Listening Part 1 – 00:53
+ Listening Part 2 – 04:36
+ Listening Part 3 – 13:36
+ Listening Part 4 – 31:28
+ Answer Key – 45:53
+ Score Conversion table – 46:08

Sample TOEIC Listening Answer sheet

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TOEIC stands for the Test of English for International Communication. It tests your ability to understand work-related writings, instructions and conversations, in spoken and written English.

Remember that the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test does not have a speaking part — so that’s one less thing to think about. Plus, it’s not a pass or fail test. This means that simply taking the test will make you stand out (be noticed) among candidates (applicants) who haven’t taken it.

Format: Multiple choice, pencil and paper
There are two sections: listening section (100 questions) and reading section (100 questions).

Length: 2.5 hours
The listening section is 45 minutes, the reading section is 75 minutes and then there are 30 minutes to answer non-scored questions about yourself.

Score: 10 – 990
A higher score is a better score. In the reading and listening parts you can earn 5 – 495 points each, and then the two scores are added together for your final score. A score above 785 is very good, but sometimes employers aren’t necessarily looking for a score that high, depending on the tasks of the job.

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