TOEIC TEST – TOEIC Listening Full Test 001

TOEIC TEST - TOEIC Listening Full Test 001

TOEIC TEST – TOEIC Listening Test! This is from TBE English Center’s free TOEIC. This is all of the TOEIC listening test (100 questions).
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TOEIC is an acronym that stands for Test Of English for International Communication. It is the most widely used English language exam taken by more than 4 million business professionals worldwide. The TOEIC test measures your ability to use English in daily business situations covering such topics as corporate development, finance and budgeting, corporate property, IT, manufacturing, purchasing, offices, personnel, technical matters, health and business travel. A growing number of international companies recognize theTOEIC as an objective indicator of a person’s proficiency in business English. It is important to understand that the TOEIC does not measure what have you learned in one particular English class but evaluates your general command of the English language in a business setting. This means, you have to use and explore as many materials, resources and methods as possible in order to improve your English. You should create an environment in which you are exposed to the English language on a daily basis. For example, you can listen to the Voice of America, watch television on CNN, SkyNews or BBC, read newspaper articles in English and write emails. In addition, the Internet provides you with a wide variety of learning tools such as electronic newsletters, discussion groups and forums. On you will find a large number of interactive tests that help you learn the core vocabulary of the TOEIC test. There is a total of 684 tests with 10 questions each. If you take all of our tests you will have learned 3420 words that frequently occur in the TOEIC.

What about scores?
The TOEIC Reading and Listening gives a score between 10 and 990:

* 905 – 990 International Proficiency
* 785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
* 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
* 405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
* 255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
* 185 – 250 Memorised Proficiency
* 10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

How much does it cost to take TOEIC Listening and Reading?
Fees are set by test centres. Expect to pay around $85 USD.

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