Toughest IELTS Speaking Questions 2021

Toughest IELTS Speaking Questions 2021

Here are some of the most difficult questions reported by students in IELTS Speaking Part 1 in recent exams. I’ll give you sample answers, those are around Band 8.5 – and some vocabulary to help you improve your score.
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to borrow = to take and use something that belongs to somebody else, and return it to them at a later time
to borrow something from somebody
to lend = to give something to someone for a short period of time
to lend something to somebody
to borrow a book from the library
to borrow money
to borrow heavily
to owe money
to be in debt
to repay a debt/to pay off a debt

– Have you ever borrowed books?
– Is it good to borrow money from friends?
– Do you like lending things to others?


to go for/on a picnic
to have a picnic
to picnic
to take a picnic with you
picnic basket
blanket to sit on
to eat our picnic by the river
a nice spot for a picnic

– Have you been on a picnic recently?
– Do you often go on picnics? Why?
– What kind of places do people choose as their picnic spots?


to wear casual clothes
to dress more smartly
to dress up
to spend money on designer clothes
to follow fashion
to come into fashion
to be in fashion
to go out of fashion
to update your wardrobe

– What kinds of clothes do you like to wear?
– Do you follow fashion?
– Do you think your preferences have changed over time?
– Do you think older people dress differently from younger people?


strict dress code
no dress code
denim is durable
to go with everything
my go-to choice for clothing
distressed jeans
ripped jeans are torn when they are sold
straight cut
skinny jeans

– How often do you wear jeans?
– Did you wear jeans in school?
– Why are jeans so popular?


to sort rubbish into general waste and recycling
rubbish bin = inside
dustbin = outside
garbage, trash = American
environmentally friendly
plastic, glass, paper, carton, tin cans

– Do people recycle things in your town?
– What kinds of things do they recycle?


phone and email notifications
to set a clear goal
to take regular breaks
mechanical noise
ambient noise

– Do you like to multitask?
– What is better, to multitask or to concentrate on a single task?
– What distracts you when you try to focus?
– What helps you concentrate?
– Do you find it hard to concentrate in noisy places?

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A Himitsu – Adventures:
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